Health Guarantee

Hip and Eye Guarantee

If the dog is diagnosed by OFA as being dysplastic on or before 28 months of age.  In case of dysplasia, you must submit a copy of the x-ray and OFA report to the breeder.  OFA to be the sole discretion on hips.

If the dog is diagnosed by a Certified Veterinary Ophthalmologist as have Progressive Retinal Atrophy or Central Progressive Retinal Atrophy on or before 24 months of age, you must submit a copy of this report to us.  They can certified as soon as AKC registered.

The breeder is not responsible for any injuries that happen to the dog that result in not passing of the hips and eyes.

Animals used for breeding prior to x-ray and exam are not guaranteed.

Alteration of the defective dog may be required before replacement to eliminate any potential reproduction of undesirable characteristics.

Breeder will either refund buyers original cost or offer replacement, whichever is acceptable to both parties.