The Boys

bladewinsBlade  was truly a remarkable animal.  He was a breeze to train.  He was very laid back around the house and very intent on the line.  Blade was wonderful around children.   He had a wonderful attitude and was always up for a good day of training.  Blade was a natural marker on land and water.  At the age of two,  he had accumulated 13 Derby points in 10 trials.  He also finished 7 out of 10 trials and Jammed his first and only Qualifying.  He earned his first amateur placement as a 2nd at the age of 2.  Blade had accumulated 14 all age points and was just shy of an FC and AFC by one win.  He was also 3 out of 3 in AKC  MH passes.


Blade had his share of retrieving ducks, geese   and bumpers. He crossed  the rainbow bridge the fall of 2015. We miss Blade, however, we see a part of him everyday in his offspring.